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Eileen "ikie" Nolan Kressel is a printmaker and painter, a retired Clinical Social Worker and Registered Art Therapist who for over twenty years was a member of Inkling Studio in Portland, Oregon. Ikie grew up in Brooklyn, New York, received a B.A. in art from Hunter College, attended The School of Visual Arts and the Brooklyn Museum Art School.

After moving to Oregon in 1971, Ikie received a Masters in Social Work and had a private practice for many years.

In addition to painting and prints, Ms. Kressel has been drawing political cartoons since the last election and creating books of them that are entitled "Trumpisms; A Brief History, Vol. I and Vol. II.

Ikie is a member of The Bridge City Artists, The Women's Caucus for Art, and a member of Print Arts NW.

Her work can be seen at the Rental/Sales Gallery of the Portland Art Museum.

Artist’s Statement

I’ve delighted in creating art in one form or another, since my drawings-on-the-wall at home in Brooklyn at age five. The wall was blank and I had something to say. I may not be far from that, these many years later.

Art is a good and constant friend, a place to be, providing a voice that gives expression to relationships, challenges, joys, whimsies and sadness. To not create, would be to silence a part of me.

My portfolio includes acrylic paintings and linocuts, along with etchings and political cartoons.